John Crawford

John Crawford – Owner
In 1973 John started his retail career in the grocery business as a bagboy with HyVee and worked his way up to management at stores here in Iowa and Arizona. He also served as a retail counselor for 8 years by helping other retail operations work on goal setting, budgets, scheduling, and event planning.
I think my time as a retail counselor helped me to become a better business operator. I was able to see average to great business people and give them help in making their business run better and at the same time gain experience on how to run my own business.
John entered the printing world in 1998 as an outside salesman for a local quick printer. After moving on to management with the company he took a position with a national chain in Des Moines overseeing their operations in the metro area.
Now that I have seen how others do things in retail printing, I feel that I can offer everything and more of what my customer’s wants and needs are.
I also have to give credit to God and my wife Becky. Jesus Christ has been with us as we put our business plan together, built counters, opened our doors and through the thick and thin. Without centering our business decisions around Him, I know things would not run as smooth. Maybe that’s what people notice is different about Alpha Copies. I hope so!
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